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    • Cheaters in Live Chess

      Cheaters in Live Chess. As I have played lots of Blitz games on, I have noticed that some users were playing immaculately and unaturally. I have reported players through the " report abuse " link and I generally have found out that they... | Read More

      • jakesabeast
      • | May 30, 2015
    • Top 10 Questions in Live Chess, Answered

      Top 10 Live chess help and support room questions: Q: how do I castle?A: Move the king two squares. Rook moves automatically, if castling is legal. Q: I am getting Fair Play policy warnings, but I'm doing nothing wrong. The server keeps aborting ... | Read More

    • Kaidah Kecurangan (Cheating)

      Apa yang merupakan aturan-aturan tentang kecurangan? Anda DILARANG menggunakan program atau mesin catur (Chessmaster, Fritz, dll) untuk menganalisis permainan yang sedang berlangsung kecuali bila diizinkan (seperti turnamen komputer, game unrated... | Read More

      • Pujakelana
      • | Feb 20, 2012
    • report abuse

      iv benn plaing at chess .com for about 3months and siing good spots and bad no not u las or sandy but mean people that curse al the time what can report abuse do to help will it  kik them of or just kut ther chat off plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... | Read More

  • France

    • 11 Reads
    • | 11 Reads

    The first French reference to chess is in a report of the siege of Antioch.  During the First Crusade, Peter the Hermit found the Turkish general playing chess.  In 110 King Louis VI of France was captured by an English knight, who shout... Read More »