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Location: United States
Joined: 8/19/16
Last Online: 8/19/16
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Location: International
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Location: Ohio, United States
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  • Windows Of Chess Opportunity

    In an amateur chess game, opportunities abound. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often missed. Positional gains are snubbed, tactics are missed, a winning endgame is agreed drawn, and mutual fear leads both players into a deep, dark abyss.&n... | Read More

  • How To Play When You're Winning Easily

    In all sports, you play much differently when you are winning easily. In baseball, if you are leading 8-0 in the 8th inning, you would not pull your fresh relief pitcher out of the game to pinch hit and try to get another run. In soccer, if y... | Read More

  • Wanna Buy The Brooklyn Bridge?

    George C. Parker was a famous con man.  Here is what Wikipedia says about him: "He made his living conducting illegal sales of property he did not own, often New York's public landmarks, to unwary immigrants. The Brooklyn Bridge was th... | Read More

  • The Trickiest Knight Moves Ever

    Today, we continue our investigation (started in this article) of the weirdest, funniest and trickiest moves ever played. This time, we'll talk about knight moves. To tell you the truth, I thought knights were going to be the easi... | Read More

  • The Craziest Queen Moves Ever

    First of all I would like to thank our readers for their contribution to last week's article. Many of you shared your chess knowledge and helped to uncover some little-known games with really stunning moves. Since in that article&nb... | Read More

    • FM/WFM Jogja Istimewa Open Chess Tournament 2016

      What an amazing experience that i had from Jogja a week ago. With the time control 90m + 30s, 6 out of 9, not a bad result. Anyway, today i'm going to show you my 3 lost games at the tournament. Take a look!   My first lost game is between Me (... | Read More

      • mazmik25
      • | Aug 24, 2016
    • Lazy Intuition

      As a chess reporter I attend many chess festivals and top tournaments, but last week I was reminded that many times the game is enjoyed on a small scale. Last week I played the Geraardsbergen Open and enjoyed it just because of that: as ... | Read More

    • 3rd Place in the State Championships

      "Fortune," if we are to believe the Latin proverb, "favors those who are brave enough not to resign, for they shall find a cheapo." And this pretty much sums up my recent games against higher-rated players. In the Green Bay Open in July, I found ... | Read More

      • Blougram
      • | Aug 22, 2016
    • No More Daily (Correspondence) Chess!

      I took the rather extreme step today of withdrawing / resigning from all my active daily chess games. I was even winning some of the games but I just can't take it anymore!   Daily chess has to me become a nasty addiction and no matter how many... | Read More

    • July 4th Blitz Tournament

      On July 4th I went to Pennsylvania to play in a chess tournament and got 11th place out of a total of 61 players nationwide with a few people in Canada and one from Great Britain. I scored a total of 4.5 points in the tournament and got a series o... | Read More

      • ehus33
      • | Aug 9, 2016

Video Lessons

  • Checkmate

    • 124 Reads
    • | 124 Reads

    Checkmate (frequently shortened to mate) is a situation in chess in which one player's king is in check and there is no way to remove that threat; it is a check from which there is no legal move to remove check through either capturing the pie... Read More »

  • Bardeleben, Curt von

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Curt von Bardeleben (1861-1924) was a German count and the strongest German player of the late 19th century, an openings expert, and player of Grandmaster strength.  He studied law, but never practiced, preferring to play chess. He was German cha... Read More »