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  • The Hardest Move To Make

    The inspiration for today's article was rather unusual.  Recently, I was lying in bed when a peculiar memory invaded the sleepy recesses of my mind. I recalled an unusual and astute piece of advice given to me by GM Alexander Kali... | Read More

  • Another Crazy Pawn Lunge By Shirov

    The article I wrote last week, "The Shabalov-Shirov Gambit" reminded me of another, more radical g2-g4 move, also largely developed by the aggressive Latvian player Alexei Shirov. 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 e5 4.Nf3 Nbd7 5.g4!? The so-called "Li... | Read More

  • The Greatest Chess Upsets, Part 1

    The Chess Olympiad is one of my favorite events. In the words of the Romanian GM Mihail Marin, "the champions themselves do not mind rubbing shoulders with mere mortals, even though this may look risky for their ratings." Most lopsided matchups,... | Read More

  • Kamsky's Endgame Play

    The Philadelphia Open recently concluded in my home city with the victory of the top seed, former world championship challenger, Gata Kamsky. Kamsky has a very unusual style, a style which I think many people neither understand or appreciate. I ... | Read More

  • Magnus Carlsen in the Queenless Middlegame

    You knew it was coming - Magnus Carlsen just won the title of World Champion by defeating Viswanathan Anand in Chennai, so it is time for an examination of the modern-day-Capablanca's play in complex endings. There is a huge amount of material o... | Read More

    • My group : Vlad Tepes Grupul meu : Vlad Tepes

      Hello !I'm an admin Romanian team, and we take very good care of, but the team has only 100 members.I'm looking for serious members to play in matches, but I'm glad to any member who joins this team.The team has:  Match Stats TeamTotal points: 12... | Read More

    • RIP Nicu_57 1957-2016

      I'll just post this very fast and maybe come back later with details.To all of those that knew Nicu_57:We from Team Romania, just recieved the tragic news that our dear friend and amazing person to all, Nicu Ion, died from cancer. Our hearts are b... | Read More

      • unu
      • | Feb 8, 2016
    • In Memoriam WGM Elisabeta Polihroniade, Romania (9)

      WGM Polihroniade (Lili for her close friends) has passed away on Jan 23rd, 2016 at the respectable age of 80. She was, is and will remain forever one of the greatest chess promoters Romania has gifted the World with. During her impressive career a... | Read More

      • EugenD
      • | Jan 23, 2016
    • Chess960

      I've taken a bit to playing 960 chess. It's fun, and a different starting position gives you so many new things to explore. It's even better than blitz or bullet . Well, maybe not hte blit z part. Today I wanted to show my latest effort, against... | Read More

    • Endgame Puzzle

      ThinkingSquares   The puzzle I am going to share with you today occured in one of my games played in the Romanian Team Championship. I was playing on the second board, with the black pieces. After a mutual time trouble ... | Read More

  • 1930 in chess

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    On January 4, 1930, the 10th Christmas Congress ended. The Premier Section was won by Jose Capablanca (6.5), followed by Vidmar (5.5), and Yates (5). The Premier Reserves section was won by George Koltanowski and Tylor. From January 16 to Februar... Read More »

  • 1934 in chess

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    In January 1934, the Log Cabin Chess Club was founded by E. Forry Laucks in West Orange, New Jersey. In January 1934, Reuben Fine won the 17th Marshall Chess Club Championship. On January 5, 1934, the 14th Christmas Congress finished in Hastin... Read More »

  • 1932 in chess

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    The 12th Hastings Christmas Congress has held from December 28, 1931 to January 6, 1932.  It was won by Salo Flohr, scoring 8 out of 9 (+7=2), followed by Isaac Kashdan with 7.5, Euwe with 5, Sultan Khan with 4.5, Yates, Stoltz, and Menchik with ... Read More »

  • Romania

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    The Romanian Chess Federation was founded in 1925.  The first Romanian champion was A. Tyroler, who won it in 1926.  He was the winner in 1927 and 1928 as well.  Chess came under state sponsorship in 1946. Read More »