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  • How Past Masters Can Help Your Game

    I’ve gone out of my way to write articles about the importance of balance; everyone needs both tactical and positional/strategic skills (you also need endgame skills, but at the moment we will concentrate on tactics and strategy). To add a... | Read More

  • Garry Kasparov And The Scotch Opening

    After Anatoly Karpov came Garry Kasparov, the 13th world champion. Kasparov took opening preparation to possibly the most extreme level of any champions before or since. His deep explorations, with the help of a team of grandmasters and -- a new p... | Read More

  • The Best Game Of Millionaire Chess Contest Winner

    The Millionaire Chess Open concluded last week in Las Vegas with a dramatic win in the open section by world-number-two Hikaru Nakamura, who took home $100,000 as the top prize in the world's richest open chess tournament. was on site ... | Read More

  • Nellie

    1892 "BCM"      In 1894 Nellie Love Marshall Showalter, the wife of then U.S. Chess Champion, Jackson Whipps Showalter, played Mrs. Harriet Worrell, the wife of the renowned chess player who had died in 1878, Thomas Herbert Worrall, also... | Read More

  • The Opening You've Never Heard Of

    Grandmaster David Bronstein was an excellent chess player, original thinker and a brilliant chess author who produced a number of bestsellers. His most famous chess book is undoubtedly "Zurich 1953." Everyone loves this book and for a good reas... | Read More

    • How to play the Ruy Lopez

      There are many different lines unlike some other openings like the Scotch Game. Let me show you what to play after every single line that your opponent plays against you.Hope you will learn something. The thing that I like is going to be on the ma... | Read More

    • Top Three Moves Against the Scotch Game

      There are many different lines to play. Let me show you the Top Three Moves.   This is the 2nd Best Move and it goes to...   The Best Move is...... Now if you play against the Scotch you know what are the best moves. | Read More

    • How to play the Scotch Game

      The Scotch is a hard opening to play. I am going to show you a few different lines black might go for.                                                                                       Classical Li... | Read More

    • Top 7 Most Aggressive Chess Openings! (Not for you, defensive chess players whom win methodically!)

      Here I'll be showing you the Top 7 Most Aggressive Chess Openings. #7: The Danish Gambit #6: The Chochrane Gambit #5: Scotch Game #4: Kings Gambit You know this. I don't need to show you if your an aggressive chess player.   Most Ag... | Read More

      • MellisMax
      • | Aug 16, 2016
    • Theory in the scotch

      In the spirit of Kasparov, I wanted to include the scotch in my repertoire. Most of the times it doesnt play out as in this game, since a lot of people deviate from theory. But this one followed theory all the way into an early endgame, in whoch I... | Read More

      • andgranath
      • | Aug 7, 2016

Video Lessons

  • A00 to E99

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    This is a list of chess openings, organised by the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code. In 1966, Chess Informant categorised the chess openings into five broad areas ("A" through "E"), with each of those broken down into one hundred subcate... Read More »

  • Scotch Game

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    The Scotch Game is an opening that derives its name from a series of correspondence games between the London and Edinburgh Chess Clubs beginning in 1824 and continuing until 1828.  Interestingly, it was the London club that used the... Read More »

  • open-closed

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    Open and Closed positions refer to the two main types of pawn structures of the centre . Open positions generally have an open centre , where the majority of the pawns have been swapped off . For example Scotch game results in an open game : ... Read More »

  • Cochrane, John

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    John Cochrane (1798-1978) was a Scottish master and lawyer who spent half his life in India.  He played chess in London while on vacation.   In 1815 he was a second lieutenant on the HMS Bellerophon, which transported Napoleon to hi... Read More »

  • Scotch opening

    • 121 Reads
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    An opening name derived from an 1824 correspondence game between the English in London and the Scots in Edinburgh, Scotland.  However, it was the English who played the Scotch opening. Read More »