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  • The Best Game Of Millionaire Chess Contest Winner

    The Millionaire Chess Open concluded last week in Las Vegas with a dramatic win in the open section by world-number-two Hikaru Nakamura, who took home $100,000 as the top prize in the world's richest open chess tournament. was on site ... | Read More

  • America's First Women's Championship Match

         American women had been playing chess long before establishment of the USCF in the late 1930s.  In fact, as early as the mid 1890s, an officially conducted match was played between two highly considered lady chess players to determine t... | Read More

  • Formation Attacks Book (June 2010)

    Formation Attacks The Ultimate Chess Attack Book has finally arrived!  As a Chess Master that has spent many years playing aggressive and attacking chess, I was quite dismayed during a past visit to my local booksto... | Read More

  • Danish cracker

    The Danish Gambit is one of those daring 19th century openings that has inspired many amateur players. White gets a considerable lead in development at the cost of a couple of pawns. In such cases Black must be careful, of course, but here I feel... | Read More

  • Your Questions Answered By Andrew Martin

    International Master Andrew Martin from England presents a regular series of articles to answer any questions that readers have about the game of chess. If you want to ask Andrew a question, then send an email to and... | Read More

    • 2015 December SCC Tornado

      On December 20 2015, I went to the December SCC Tornado obviously held at the Seattle Chess Club. The legendary TD was Fred Kleist. I was delighted to see a very strong field. Out of 32 people, the field consisted of masters NM Michael Lee(2503), ... | Read More

      • anjiang
      • | Jan 4, 2016
    • Let's Play Scotch Gambit

      | Read More

    • Capitalizing on a mistake

      A review of a new game I played, transposing from a Scotch Gambit to a Giuoco Piano. I knew my opponent had been studying the Scotch Gambit for a long time, and he was very well prepared in all lines with Bb4+ trying to keep the extra pawn. So I d... | Read More

      • pulpopaz
      • | Dec 15, 2015
    • It is not often I get to play titled players.

      Last night I decided to play on ICC using the mobile app and staged up until 330am before I decided to play one final game. I clicked on the 15 minute pool and my game started and I saw I was paired with an IM. What a great way to end my night I t... | Read More

      • dblackw2
      • | Dec 10, 2015
    • My Top 5 Favorite Openings

         There are many diffrent openings, but I'm only going to show you my favorite.    Number 5: The Ruy Lopez, otherwize known as the Spanish opening.    Number 4: The Queen's Gambit Declined     Number 3: The Sicilian Defense   ... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Danish Gambit

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    The Danish Gambit is an ultra-agressive opening for white. It is not commonly seen in tournament play since lines have been found to blunt it. It is still occasionally seen in amateur play though. In this gambit white sacks 3 pawns for one, hoping... Read More »

  • Fried Liver Attack

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     The Fried Liver Attack is a continuation of the Two Knights Defense. It is an aggressive gambit where white gives up a knight in exchange for poor king safety for black. This attack has not been proven decisive, especially under slower time cont... Read More »

  • Scandinavian Defense

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    The Scandinavian Defense (also known as the Center Counter) is the chess opening characterized by the first moves 1.e4 d5. Although played by quite a few grandmasters over the years, the Scandinavian is rarely played at the highest levels of ... Read More »

  • Dutch Defense

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    The Dutch Defense 1. d4 f5 is an attempt to create an imbalance in the position on move one and prepare for a King-side attack by Black. Most common variations are The Classical: 1. d4 f5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. g3 e6 (and a later d6); The Stonewall: 1. d4 ... Read More »

  • Englund Gambit

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    The Englund Gambit is a rarely played chess opening that starts with the moves: 1. d4 e5?!Black's idea is to avoid the traditional closed queen's pawn games and create an open game with tactical chances, but at the cost of a pawn. The gambi... Read More »