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  • ScotchIndian
    Online Jan 17, 2010

    Scotch Game | Samsun, Turkey

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  • Opening Study: Go Over "Model" Games

    One of the modern trends in chess is to increased value given to dynamism. Players are more willing to sacrifice pawns or structural damage (doubled pawns, isolated pawns, etc.) in return for dynamic chances (apparently...

  • My most memorable blunders - Seattle Extravaganza part two

    While many promote chess for its educational and edificatory benefits, I've always been impressed with its ability to completely cloud the mind and suspend judgement in relatively simple situations, as we will see...

  • Play it like a pro: A beginners guide to chess!

    Hi,I'm Michael Scott a.k.a Scott_98 (on,feel free to challenge,follow,send a friend request or ask a question on my profile page.So I'm gonna be writing a blog which will feature 'Play it like a pro'...

  • There's no free lunch: a simple case of identifying threats that can be ignored

    The following game is from a couple weeks ago. Forgive me for choosing a blitz game (at least it's a 10 min blitz game). In the game, my opponent chose a divergence from the main line of the variation of the Scotch...

  • Another L

    The Jays and I were both handed a tough loss last night (ha). Some of my bad play might have been related to listening to the ballgame through headphones as I played - but it does just come down to some poorly considered...

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