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  • Introducing the New (Version 3)

    It's been a long time coming, but a brand-new version of is finally ready to step up and take online chess to a new level - and take your chess to new levels as well.  This new version 3 (V3) has been our #1 priority for over... | Read More

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    Review by Christine VanCott Play Magnus is a free chess smartphone app available for Apple iOS (and recently) Android. It includes 99 game levels, training videos, and an interactive tournament feature. The app runs quickly ... | Read More

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  • 5 Reasons Losing a Chess Game is Good

    No one sets out to lose a chess game. Before the opening moves, chess players want to win, or at least save a draw if winning chances slip away. But losing is part of the game. Even the best players in the world lose. Play enough games and los... | Read More

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      [Blog History]      What's up tourney addicts?      Last year I ran a set of 64-player KO tournaments throughout many ratings groups that seemed to go over well with a lot of good games. Well, it's that time again! Using the same ratings... | Read More

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    • Do You Need a New Chess Clock? Review of the Vtek300

      In popular culture, the game of chess is synonymous with high intelligence. Those of us who play the game often have our quiet suspicions about the accuracy of this, but it’s clear that clock manufacturers believe that we’re geniuses. ... | Read More

      • shaun
      • | Apr 19, 2016
    • 5 Tips to Becoming a Bullet Expert

      Since I’ve never written a post before, I think it’s high time that I give some commentary on the most exciting chess time control there is: BULLET! Like many other chess players, I’ve been captivated by the simplicity and elegance of 1-minu... | Read More

      • Troy8
      • | Feb 27, 2016
    • Do women play less beautiful chess? A rebuttal

      I generally try to avoid the Chessbase news site, as experience has demonstrated that reading its articles generally leads to me hitting my own head more than is considered healthy. But this morning I stumbled across what on the surface seemed ... | Read More

      • smurfo
      • | Feb 27, 2016