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  • Introducing The New (Version 3)

    It's been a long time coming, but a brand-new version of is finally ready to take online chess to a new level -- and take your game to new heights.  This new version (v3) has been our top priority for two years, and ... | Read More

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  • 5 Reasons Losing a Chess Game is Good

    No one sets out to lose a chess game. Before the opening moves, chess players want to win, or at least save a draw if winning chances slip away. But losing is part of the game. Even the best players in the world lose. Play enough games and los... | Read More

    • Book Review: Insanity, Passion and Addiction

      BOOK REVIEW:  “Insanity, Passion and Addiction: A year inside the chess world” (Danny Gormally)   Most chess books are more or less the same. An opening treatise, an instructional book on endgames or middlegames, a t... | Read More

      • smurfo
      • | Jul 21, 2016
    • Review - Simon Williams' Most Amazing Moves

      I am not sure why I have struggled to finish this review, but hopefully this 4th draft will be the final version. This also turned out to be the first post of July 2016. Normally, I would already have posted several entries, but this is been a ch... | Read More

    • Time Pressure

      HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN TIME PRESSURE? I have and it's pretty annoying when you're in time pressure especially when you are ahead. One time I was up a queen but lost on time. One tip is to use pre-moves, if you don't know what pre-move is, you basi... | Read More

      • KS-Y
      • | Jun 29, 2016
    • ♛ تاریخچه قهرمانان شطرنج جهان ♛

        مسابقات رسمی قهرمانی جهان از سال ۱۸۸۶ با مسابقات دو جانبه ) مچ ) اشتاینیتز – زوکرتورت آغاز شد از سال ۱۸۸۶ تا  ۲۰۱۳  ۱۲۷ سال گذش... | Read More

    • 1700 vs me

      This was played with 15 min time settings. I was very disappointed in my play despite winning. I didn't get anything out of the opening or middlegame; I might have even been worse. However, the game quickly went into an endgame where I think I sho... | Read More

      • johndoe007
      • | Jun 12, 2016