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  • Key Moments In Time: Lasker’s Last Stand

    • IM Silman
    • Dec 1, 2016, 1:27 AM

    Most of us know that the legendary Emanuel Lasker was a philosopher and a world class mathematician — he earned his doctorate in math in 1902 and published a theorem which, even today, is critically important...

  • USCL 2013

    Another year brings another season of the United States Chess League. Per usual, a star-studded cast full of America's strongest competition make up the entire playing field. Of course, with this talented a pool,...

  • Gems From The 2012 U.S. Championship

    It's an older archive but still worth its weight in gold. Review the best rounds from the memorable 2012 U.S. Championships with GM Eugene Perelshteyn. This tournament exceeded every chess lover's expectations....

  • Game Analysis By Sam Shankland

    In this series, GM Sam Shankland provides in-depth analysis on a series of games played between world-class competitors. There's much to learn from this series. See how grandmasters prepare against an...

  • 7 Bullet Chess Tips By Hikaru Nakamura

    • GM Hikaru
    • Apr 12, 2016, 12:44 AM

    Editor’s note: Hikaru Nakamura is widely considered the best speed chess player in history. A vote by titled players confirmed this last year. Nakamura will face World Champion Magnus Carlsen...

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  • Live by the Sword, die by the Sword!

    The Moscow 1925 Chess Tournament was a very strong competition: Bogoljubow, Lasker, Capablanca, Marshall.... Among the participants was Alexander Ilyin-Zhenevsky, s atrong Soviet Master. Alexander Ilyin Zhenevsky ALEXANDER...

  • A Shared Theme with GM Gufeld!

        GM Eduard Gufeld Recently, looking at Gufeld's "Secrets of the Sicilian Dragon", I came upon a game he played in 1962, in which he plays the same sacrifice I did in my game abgainst IM Julio Boudy from Cuba...

  • Light & Dark : A Visual Guide to Crazyhouse

    Light & Dark: A Visual Guide to Crazyhouse (visual ideas behind the moves in crazyhouse and bughouse) mastertan 2016 In light of the increasing amount of activity of crazyhouse chess, I’ve decided to write...

  • Carlsen-Karjakin, Tiebreaks: Magnus still the champ

    Magnus Carlsen has won the World Chess Championship for a third time after unleashing a glorious queen sacrifice on the final move of the match. That meant the birthday boy had won the tiebreaks 3:1, after also...

  • "Ten Funny Stories about Mark Taimanov", by Evgeny Gik

    This article was written by Gik in early 2016. Since then, both Gik and Taimanov have died... Mark Taimanov (right) and Evgeny Gik in 2015. How the Central Committee Fought Against the Bourgeoisie In the summer...

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  • Carlsen Wins Rapid Playoff, Defends World Championship

    It was about time. Just like in the classical portion of the 2016 world championship, GM Magnus Carlsen got several promising positions against GM Sergey Karjakin in the rapid playoff.  The difference? Today...

  • World Championship Tiebreak Live Updates

    --Live Flash Report-- GM Magnus Carlsen won the 2016 world championship over GM Sergey Karjakin by virtue of winning the last two games of the rapid playoff. The tiebreak ended 3-1 for Carlsen. Game...

  • Mark Taimanov: 1926-2016

    In the night between Sunday and Monday, Mark Taimanov died in St. Petersburg at the age of 90. He was a world-class player for decades and one of the participants of the legendary Zurich 1953 Candidates'...

  • Riazantsev, Kosteniuk Win Russian Superfinal, And A Car

    GMs Alexander Riazantsev and Alexandra Kosteniuk are the winners of this year's Russian Championship Superfinal. Kosteniuk claimed the women's title with a round to spare; Riazantsev decided matters today....

  • Orange Crush: Nakamura, Leko Defeated By 2 Young Dutchmen

    After more than 120 years with a queen on the throne, the Netherlands has been getting used to a king in the last few years. Their countrymen may also have to get used to two more kings of the chess board, and we're...

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