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  • Will Carlsen-Nakamura 2 Be Better Than The Original?'s Thumbnail

    Will Carlsen-Nakamura 2 Be Better Than The Original?

    FM MikeKlein Dec 28, 2017, 11:12 PM

    This season's Speed Chess Championship finals on January 3 will go the way of last year's Grandmaster Blitz Battle ending: GM Magnus Carlsen vs. GM Hikaru Nakamura. For many, seeing these two duel again is...

  • Fun With Double-Exchange Sacs's Thumbnail

    Fun With Double-Exchange Sacs

    FishThatRoared Oct 24, 2017, 9:25 PM

    When I was a teenage Sicilian Dragon aficionado, I salivated over the thought that one day I might land in a certain theoretical sub-variation of the Yugoslav Attack where Black sacrifices not one but both exchanges...

  • The Strongest Chess Librarian In The World's Thumbnail

    The Strongest Chess Librarian In The World

    GM Gserper Oct 15, 2017, 1:40 AM

    Unless you live under a rock, you know that the 65-year-old librarian James Tarjan beat the former world champion Vladimir Kramnik in the recently concluded Chess.com Isle of Man tournament. Of course Grandmaster...

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  • Sicilian Dragon: In-Depth Endgame's Thumbnail

    Sicilian Dragon: In-Depth Endgame

    IM Keaton87 Apr 18, 2016, 9:39 PM

    GM Gawain Jones used the Sicilian Dragon to pull off an upset win against Yu Yangyi. Learn how Jones was able to reach an extremely complicated endgame and how he won it with analysis by IM Keaton Kiewra.

  • Sicilian Dragon Burns Yangyi's Thumbnail

    Sicilian Dragon Burns Yangyi

    IM Keaton87 Apr 13, 2016, 9:37 PM

    How did Gawain Jones beat one of the hottest upcoming chess stars, Yu Yangyi? By using the fiery Sicilian Dragon as Black. IM Keaton Kiewra shows you how Jones employed his Dragon during this year’s Tradewise...

  • Keaton's Pet Dragon's Thumbnail

    Keaton's Pet Dragon

    IM Keaton87 Dec 21, 2015, 2:04 PM

    How can you turn a dragon into your pet? IM Keaton Kiewra just finished a marathon of chess tournaments, and he is back with a new lesson on how to use one of Black’s most aggressive openings to play a stronger...

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  • Review: Chessable's Thumbnail

    Review: Chessable

    Milliern Jan 17, 2018, 10:13 AM

    I’ve been asked by a few friends to review chessable.com, and it seems I’m getting more and more requests, as people learn that I’m on there.  So here goes.   I came to chessable thinking it was a joke.  It’s heavily...

  • Two games with 1.c4 from the Victoria Open's Thumbnail

    Two games with 1.c4 from the Victoria Open

    EndlessWater Jan 15, 2018, 7:06 PM

    Round 1: English Two Knights w/ 3...d6 4.g3   Round 3: Sicilian, Accelerated Dragon, Maroczy Bind (transposed)  

  • 200 Traps for Sicilian Defense's Thumbnail

    200 Traps for Sicilian Defense

    krkmzugur Dec 28, 2017, 10:19 AM

    Hello; In the implementation, 200 traps for Sicilian defense were placed. I put in a free app. At the time I added a paid application. He wants an update. Variations below can be seen.   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kodflex.siciliandefense    Marshall...

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