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    speed chess freak | Indianapolis, United States

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  • You make more risky choices as the day wears on, chess study suggests

    • Aarao
    • Dec 4, 2016, 7:13 AM

    Early birds and night owls have radically different daily habits. But a new study suggests they both share one trait: As the clock ticks, their decisions get dicey. Neuroscientists examined the quality of moves...

  • Sergey Karjakin: "Carlsen is the Cristiano Ronaldo of chess"

    Karjakin's first interview upon returning to Russia, for the Sport-Express newspaper. http://www.sport-express.ru/chess/reviews/sergey-karyakin-karlsen-shahmatnyy-ronaldu-1072655/ I BOUGHT A NEW SIM CARD...

  • Moment of truth

    During 20 years of working for an athletics magazine, I’ve often noticed that truly hardcore fans take a holiday at the height of summer to watch the major track and field championship of the year unfold on television....

  • Carlsen-Karjakin, Game 12: Tiebreaks it is!

    Magnus Carlsen will play rapid, blitz and potentially Armageddon against Sergey Karjakin to decide the 2016 World Chess Championship after the last classical game of their match ended in a damp squib. The most anticipated...

  • A MESSAGE FROM 2200 TO 2016

    • WCM menuri
    • Nov 28, 2016, 8:45 PM

     I am now in green super shopping complex, among the shop with fruit gardens. Customers who come here could pluck fresh fruits produced from genetic technology, how much ever you want and pay money. Flowers and...

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