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  • DeathInvader
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  • PRO Chess League Top Performers

    IM dpruess Mar 16, 2017, 7:39 PM

    Here we try to keep track of some of the best performances of the 2017 season of the PRO Chess League. Points Scored # Name Team Pts 1 Meier, Georg Stockholm Snowballs 29.5 2 So, Wesley Saint...

  • 7 New Year's Chess Resolutions

    NM SamCopeland Dec 27, 2016, 7:47 AM

    Statistically, just eight percent of people achieve their New Year's resolutions. That doesn't seem so great, but if we all resolve to become grandmasters, maybe eight percent of us can make it.  More...

  • Better Than Ratings? Chess.com's New 'CAPS' System

    IM DanielRensch Oct 24, 2016, 2:47 PM

    One of the most exciting projects I've contributed to since joining the Chess.com team (eight years ago and counting) is being revealed today.  Chess.com's Computer Aggregated Precision Score (or CAPS)...

  • The New Yorker Or The Norwegian: Who Ya Got?

    FM MikeKlein Oct 25, 2016, 6:25 AM

    You've marked your calendar for October 27.  You've read the reasons you should watch the biggest event in online chess history. You've read the stats and analytics showing just how incredibly...

  • Study Plan For Advanced Players: Tactics!

    News Oct 28, 2016, 2:19 PM

    Target Skill Range: Advanced (Rated 1800-1999) Tasks: Identify and address your tactical weaknesses. Complete a perfect ten. Complete the legendary 30-minute drill. Develop your visualization skills. Complete...

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    shaun Mar 14, 2017, 1:36 PM

    One thing became ultimately clear last week, and that's that having a Super GM on your team is a real advantage.  Now, would this be true if their full rating was averaged into the team's stats?  I don't...

  • Game #8. A real "Howler"

    thegreat_patzer Jan 4, 2017, 3:33 PM

    so after a few good games on the internet; I remind myself that I can play some really awful chess- and my opponent can as well...   the stats are impressively dreadful- I give away at 2 pawns, 1 piece and a forced...

  • The Most Dominant Chess Players in History, 2016 version

    Spektrowski Jan 4, 2017, 7:40 AM

    About three years ago, I made a statistical table about the most dominant world champions in history. Now I feel that it deserves an update - there are even more players in it now, and some results have changed...

  • Let the healing begin... vs healer152 (1622)

    IMperf_X_ion00 Jan 1, 2017, 8:58 PM

    In 2017, I will talk less and do more of this: concentrate on results. Because when it comes down to chess, bad medecine or a "free" quick analysis can do this for your game: Strength         White Black Excellent...

  • Sergey Karjakin: "Carlsen is the Cristiano Ronaldo of chess"

    Spektrowski Dec 4, 2016, 2:02 AM

    Karjakin's first interview upon returning to Russia, for the Sport-Express newspaper. http://www.sport-express.ru/chess/reviews/sergey-karyakin-karlsen-shahmatnyy-ronaldu-1072655/ I BOUGHT A NEW SIM CARD...

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