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    Zangief Streetfighter | New York City, United States

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    Andrew Streetfighter Sandoval | Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

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    Neco Streetfighter | York, Pennsylvania, United States

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    Ken StreetFighter | Indonesia

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  • Disasters in the Dragons Den

     No, its nothing to do with spilling a cappucino all over Duncan Bannatyne just before asking him for a £100,000 investment in your SafeSac coffee cup company, but rather this article will concentrate on some of...

  • The Dragon's Lair (part 2)

    We saw in part 1 of the Dragon's Lair what can happen to the would-be DragonSlayer when he takes on the beast without an adequate weapon. In this second instalment we look at a game where the weapon of choice is...

  • The Dragon's Lair (part 1)

     In the world of chess, the Sicilian Dragon variation has achieved almost the same mythical status as its fire-breathing namesake had in the Dark Ages. Legends of villagers cowed in fear lest they lose their cattle...

  • Preparation/Inspiration

    Starter question for 10: You have a critical match coming up, know you will be playing a very strong opponent and have half-a-day free at some point before the game. Do you... a) Go out drinking and cavorting with...

  • Edinburgh Congress 2009

    This year's Edinburgh Congress was held once again in the gorgeous surroundings of George Heriots School in the heart of the historic Old Town, and attracted an extremely strong field headed by Scottish GM's John...

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  • Top chess players at

    As of June 13, 2009, there are four players rated over 2800 ( ratings).  The players are: Ouachita (Bobby Johnson) - 2848 LucidDream - 2833 Nonnetrovouno - 2808 cuendillar - 2807 None of these top...

  • Blog 2 Wayne`s World :)

    Since my last blog i have done many things, I joined a chess club here in England,Called the brown jack,which i enjoy Every Monday Evening,we play in a annex at the back off the  pub and play and have a couple off...

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