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  • Ivanchuk: A Genius of Imaginative, Exciting Chess!

    In a recent interview during a game commentary, GM Boris Gelfand spoke about "destiny" as one of the factors determining if a chess player is successful or not in gaining the World Championship Title. Among the...

  • Looking Back At 2016

         As you all know, today is the last day of 2016. At the end of each year, one should look back at their yearly Chess performance and see how they did. This will equip you for the coming year and help you identify...

  • My game against GM Polgar

    Grandmaster Susan Polgar came to visit our office last week, and it was quite an honor to play her in a 10-board simul. Unfortunately, I made an error in the opening, which she exploited to gain two pawns.  I felt...

  • Movies on Bobby Fischer

    1-Searching for Bobby Fischer Released in 1993 and directed by Steven Zaillian. Inspired by the life of chess prodigy. Josh is a normal kid and loves to play football. But, his father notices signs of him being...

  • 20 Years Later, Humans Still No Match For Computers On The Chessboard

    • Aarao
    • Oct 25, 2016, 1:38 PM

    Next month, there's a world chess championship match in New York City, and the two competitors, the assembled grandmasters, the budding chess prodigies, the older chess fans — everyone paying attention — will know...

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  • 2011 SPICE Cup

    The 5th edition of the SPICE Cup runs from 15-25 October in in Lubbock, Texas. This year there are three round-robin tournaments taking place, but the headline event is the A Group, which is a 6-player double round-robin...

  • SPICE Up Your (Chess) Life

    The Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE) was established in May 2007 at Texas Tech University with the aim of promoting 'college chess' as a bridge between scholastic and adult chess worlds.  Unfortunately...


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