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    • Tata Steel Chess 2016 winner Magnus Carlsen

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    • Hikaru Nakamura Interview, The Barca Style

      Hikaru Nakamura was born in Hirakata, Osaka, Japan, December 9, 1987 was a US chess grandmaster. He is ranked No. 6 for the Standart, No. 3 and No. 2 To Blitz For Rapid According Fide September 2016. He is also a four-time champions the United Sta... | Read More

    • Chess Tournament

      The most recognized chess tournaments for individual competition include the Linares chess tournament (now defunct) and the Tata Steel chess tournament.  <a href="http://amylee.biz/">chess tournament</a> | Read More

    • Tata Steel

      Giri-Carlsen In 1st Round Tata Steel PeterDoggerson 1/9/15, 6:44 PM. 2Fwww.chess.com&pfname=&rpctoken=11009040" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border-width: 0px; border-style: none; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-we... | Read More

    • why Yes and not can win Sergey Karjaking the WCC

      The world chess championship. The both players who will play for the crown, are between Magnus Carlsen the current World champion and Sergey Karjakin the winner of the candidates tournament. The players are really good, the favorite to win is Ma... | Read More

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  • Corus Chess Tournament

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    The Corus Chess Tournament is a major chess tournament played in the small seaside town of Wijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands. Founded in 1938 for Dutch players only, it became an international event in 1946 and has grown into one of the most presti... Read More »