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  • GM Gareev's 2013 US Championship

    Another day, another amazing tournament in review. This time we take a look at GM Timur Gareev's version of the 2013 U.S. Championship. A true fighter, Gareev finds himself in trouble or in stalemate on more than...

  • Master Path Study Plan: Strategy

    • News
    • Oct 28, 2016, 2:15 PM

    Target Skill Range: Master Path (Rated 2000-2199) Tasks: Learn the following master-level pawn structures. Master the art of maneuvering. Learn to use your pawns actively. Study the exploitation of pawn...

  • Chess Books And Youth vs Old Age

    • IM Silman
    • Sep 29, 2016, 3:30 AM

    Sitting in a coffee shop in Tokyo that’s little known but adored by those who frequent it, I was staring at the most beautiful and delicious cappuccino on Earth. This was my second one, but before...

  • Bughouse Chess Tips For Beginners

    Tired of playing chess alone?! Bughouse is for you! Tired of not having someone to talk to about your decisions on the board (at least not legally)? Bughouse is for you! Tired of not having someone else (your...

  • In Whitney's Shadow

    Mt. Whitney, the hightest peak in the contiguous United States      Nestled within the Sierra Nevada Mountains at the base of the highest peak in the lower 48 states, the high desert community...

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  • London Chess Classic 1: Nothing personal

      Wesley So said he didn’t realise it was Hikaru Nakamura’s birthday after ruthlessly exploiting his opponent’s blunder on move 13 to almost seal victory in the overall Grand Chess Tour. Vladimir Kramnik said it’s...

  • Beat the dutch stonewall

    I guess one of my favorite openings to meet as white is when black plays the dutch. I often gets into open war and there will be no gloves on then. I love it to the core of chess in my heart and soul. Even high...

  • Light & Dark : A Visual Guide to Crazyhouse

    Light & Dark: A Visual Guide to Crazyhouse (visual ideas behind the moves in crazyhouse and bughouse) mastertan 2016 In light of the increasing amount of activity of crazyhouse chess, I’ve decided to write...

  • The Road to 1800

      December 2016 This is it, this is my public announcement that I am going to obtain an 1800 rapid rating on chess.com by the 1st of January 2020. This blog is not really intended for public consumption although...

  • Masters of the Universe

    • Hywel2
    • Nov 28, 2016, 9:23 AM

    Ok I’m certainly no Heman (for those of you who can remember the sword bearing hero clad in loin cloth) but my latest opponent, Carl Strugnell, was the first FIDE master I have played and come close to accumulating...

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