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  • The Euphoria Of A Queen Sacrifice

    “Real magic can never be made by offering someone else's liver. You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back.” ― Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn Magic does happen on the chess board; that is one of the... | Read More

  • The New (v3): Now With Bughouse!

    It's been a long time coming, but the new version of is finally ready to take online chess to a new level—and take your game to new heights.  This new version (v3) has been our top priority for two years, and&... | Read More

  • Which Olympic Sport Is Most Like Chess?

    The 2016 Summer Olympics are underway right now in Brazil as 207 national delegations compete for medals in 28 sports, 41 different disciplines, and 306 total events. Unfortunately for chess fans, the royal game is not among them. And don’... | Read More

  • School Chess Fails PR Test

    Boris Gelfand’s musings in a recent interview on the benefits of children playing chess for its own sake - “Only a fraction will play professionally, but the rest will acquire the skill of strategic planning and the habit of thinking, ... | Read More

  • Who Was The Greatest Chess Theorist?

    Axorcist wrote: “My question is this: Who do you consider to be the greatest chess theorist of all time? I have never read a good review on who really had the most influence on the development of knowledge in our beautiful game. Was i... | Read More

    • Let’s Bughouse! Playing Against the Sicilian, Part 1

      Bughouse has a well-deserved reputation for being an extremely tactical game. The values of all the pieces are lower than in normal chess, and sacrifices are extremely common. Unfortunately, all the wild-and-crazy, combinatorial excitement often o... | Read More

      • chriswsh
      • | Sep 24, 2016
    • Operation Auca

      by HJS In 1956 Roger Youderian, Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully and pilot Nate Saint launched Operation Auca. The Aucas were one of the most difficult tribes to reach; they didn't like outsiders and killed most of them on sight. Having made ... | Read More

      • JD-ex
      • | Sep 22, 2016
    • Chess Puzzle # 3

      Hello guys and girls,Today I will be featuring my third puzzle of the day with my fantastic viewer base! (Thank you all!)Just know, if anybody ever has any questions for me feel free to post them in the comments section or private message me if yo... | Read More

    • Aberdeen Chess Training Day Sunday 11th September Part 1

        A chess training day was held in Shell's Woodbank House on the 11th of September. 15 players of all ages and playing strengths attended and the session was run by myself (2150 OTB, head coach for Scotland in the Glorney/Gilbert competition 2016... | Read More

    • To Castle or not to Castle

      As we all know castling is the only move in chess where two pieces can move at the same time. There are two types of castling kingside ( denoted by 0-0) and queenside ( denoted by 0-0-0). They are also called castling short and castling long respe... | Read More

      • doctorpsb
      • | Sep 15, 2016

Video Lessons


  • Saragossa Opening

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    The Saragossa Opening (or Hempel's Opening) is a chess opening defined by the opening move: 1. c3Since White usually plays more aggressively in the opening, the Saragossa is considered an irregular opening, classified as A00 by theEncyclop... Read More »

  • Yusupov

    • 3 Reads
    • | 3 Reads

    Artur Mayakovich Yusupov (Jussupow in German) was born on February 13, 1960 in Moscow.  He learned the game of chess in 1966 at the age of 6 and trained at the Moscow Young Pioneers’ Palace. In 1977, at the age of 17, he won the World Ju... Read More »

  • Opposition

    • 4 Reads
    • | 4 Reads

    Opposition is a common theme in end-games.Following is an example of opposition: Read More »

  • Ballet

    • 6 Reads
    • | 6 Reads

    The first ballet with a chess theme was Ballet des Echecs, performed for Louis XIV (1638-1715) of France.  A ballet called Checkmate, composed by Sir Arthur Bliss and choreographed by Ninette de Valois in 1937, was performed at the Paris World Ex... Read More »

  • Philately

    • 24 Reads
    • | 24 Reads

    The first philatelic item, a chess cancellation, appeared on a German envelope in 1923.  The first postage stamp depicting a chess motif was issued in Bulgaria in 1947 on the occasion of the Balkan games.  Over 140 countries have issued ... Read More »