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  • How To Play Variants On Chess.com

    • News
    • Sep 8, 2016, 3:12 PM

    There's much more to play on Chess.com than just... chess! Fun "chess variants" can be a great way to mix things up and apply your chess skills in different and exciting ways. You can play Bughouse, Crazyhouse,...

  • "Mag-Town" Takes World To "Ouch-Town"!

    by IM Daniel Rensch To start this "post game review" off right, I would first like to say that I had a lot of fun broadcasting this match, G-Star Raw's World Chess Challenge, Magnus Carlsen vs the World, for all...

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  • i don't complain, only marvel....

    at the weather. on the way back across the Great Plains, Bandmate and i found ourselves waiting out a winter storm...50 mph wind gusts, whiteouts, big heavy semis too close for comfort.....in a road side motel....

  • Sergey Karjakin: "Carlsen is the Cristiano Ronaldo of chess"

    Karjakin's first interview upon returning to Russia, for the Sport-Express newspaper. http://www.sport-express.ru/chess/reviews/sergey-karyakin-karlsen-shahmatnyy-ronaldu-1072655/ I BOUGHT A NEW SIM CARD...

  • Almost One Year

    Well, first of all , thanks for coming . In news, congratulations to both Mozart, & The Minister of Defense !! Well played gentlemen. Secondly, I am now the VP/Secretary for our club...yay! (Lol)... Thirdly,...

  • #55 Phi Kappa Blanca LVI

    << #54 Phi Kappa Blanca LV -- Mini-Golf! >>   Tournament #55, Phi Kappa Blanca 2/19/94 NCSU Student Union, Raleigh, NC TD: Robert Singletary Section: U1800 Time Control: 40/90, G/30 <Crosstable>     Rarely...

  • My System for a World Championship Match

    Many chess players are weighing in on how to make a World Championship match and/or cycle more interesting. I've included some links to various articles and blogs on the subject at the end of this blog. After reading...

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  • London Chess Classic Kicks Off Tomorrow

    This Saturday, Dec. 6, the London Chess Classic kicks off at Olympia in Kensington with the Super Rapidplay Open. Six top GMs will be crossing swords with amateurs. The London Chess Classic has never shied...

  • Kasparov's Interview!

    One of the most anticipated publishing events of the year is the release of the new book by Garry Kasparov. Published by Everyman Chess, it is the second volume in the series entitled Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess. On...

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