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  • Time Out Ratio

    What is a timeout ratio? How do I get it below 10%?

  • I need help to get my team involved in competing in http://www.chess.com tournaments

    John Junior Quintela III  Avatar 'aka' quintela9001 now a Diamond membership member of chess.com; but since i created a team, i cannot discover how to join and/or create tournaments:  " As a Premium Member, you...

  • Timeout Ratio

    Timeout ratio is a negative component on online chess. I think this really puts a damper on your ability to play. I am a tournament player myself, and since my timeout ratio is 18% because i was busy with my studies,...

  • TimeOut Ratio

    • zipwiz
    • Nov 28, 2013, 1:20 PM

    When attempting to join certain tournaments, I am often disallowed and I receive the message shown below.  "You must have a timeout ratio lower than 10% to play in this tournament." What is a timeout ratio and how...

  • A Crazy Idea

    Are you wondering why my rating is so low? The story went something like this. I had just figured out what a timeout radio was.  Mine was a high #: 33%.  I thought that if I lost by resigning it would bring my timeout...


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