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  • The 7 Most Shocking World Championship Blunders

    Is 51.Qe6? from Magnus Carlsen in game 8 one of the worst blunders in world championship history? Well... probably not  After all, Sergey Karjakin did need to find the incredible only-move 51...h5! to win the...

  • 8 Ways Chess Is Like CrossFit

    • News
    • Sep 17, 2016, 2:13 AM

    You’ve all heard the joke about how the first rule of CrossFit is you must talk about CrossFit. And the second rule is that you must talk about CrossFit. So let’s talk about CrossFit. And chess. There...

  • Can Anyone Be An IM Or GM?

    • IM Silman
    • Sep 15, 2016, 12:33 AM

    BeekeeperBob wrote: “I am a 19 year old who has been toying with the idea of making chess a career for me (either playing professionally or teaching chess). Unfortunately, I currently have no official ranking....

  • Who Was The Greatest Chess Theorist?

    • IM Silman
    • Aug 3, 2016, 9:41 PM

    Axorcist wrote: “My question is this: Who do you consider to be the greatest chess theorist of all time? I have never read a good review on who really had the most influence on the development of knowledge...

  • Fixing Your Weaknesses

    • IM Silman
    • Jul 26, 2016, 10:45 PM

    This week, we’ll take a look at a young Indian player, Sakshi1234567. She had this to say: “I am 13 years old. My father taught me chess when I was 10. I’ve been taking the game seriously from...

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  • Light & Dark : A Visual Guide to Crazyhouse

    Light & Dark: A Visual Guide to Crazyhouse (visual ideas behind the moves in crazyhouse and bughouse) mastertan 2016 In light of the increasing amount of activity of crazyhouse chess, I’ve decided to write...

  • Game 6: Huebner v. Podgaets

    And here it is! Thanks to some very responsive support from Chessbase, I can go forward with game six now. This is an exceptionally complicated one. In truth, I feel less confident in my analysis of this game than...

  • Tenison Gambit1. Trap

  • Check Your Blind Spot

    Hi Chess Friends, One of the most common topics I touch on when teaching chess classes and individual lessons is the importance of examining forcing moves (checks, captures and threats). These are the moves most...

  • Crazyhouse: Revitalizing the Romance in Chess

    While it’s true in today’s chess climate that high level tournaments exhibit more fighting chess than has been seen in recent decades (and thank goodness for that!), it’s impossible to ignore the larger trend in...

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