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  • Who Was The Greatest Chess Theorist?

    Axorcist wrote: “My question is this: Who do you consider to be the greatest chess theorist of all time? I have never read a good review on who really had the most influence on the development of knowledge in our beautiful game. Was i... | Read More

  • Links to the Past II

    As in attics where things once used get stored out of sight and mind, old articles have a way of burying themselves under the weight of those that follow becoming lost and forgotten. Sometimes it pays to put on an apron and gloves, wal... | Read More

  • Beating Your Nemesis

    Rivalaries are often born through circumstances that extend beyond the game. An intense, winner-take-all game, a misplayed Smith-Mora, a Twitter battle, or even a swift kick to your shin under the table — All might be enough to point yo... | Read More

  • Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

    Everyone’s had the unfortunate experience of playing an opposite-colored bishop ending. Like a mirage, you never know how they got there, and you definitely didn’t intend on it. Nevertheless, they have arrived. These mirages don’... | Read More

  • Finding Your Real Weaknesses

    I get a lot of letters from members, and though their ratings run the gamut, I do my best to address all ratings as best I can. Today I’ll turn my attention to two players below 1500 : Mr. Prashant1994 and Mr. Rrrtttyyyuuuiii. I&... | Read More

    • How to improve your tactics rating

      Hello everyone, Over the few days, I have been grinding my tactics rating over 2800 and here is a short guide (from my experience) on how to get your tactics trainer rating higher.     1. Don't stress over the timer Although the rating poin... | Read More

    • Cool opening trick

      Opening tricks If you fall for them you lose a piece or even the game. Opening tricks, or opening traps are so easy to execute and so hard to miss. No matter which opening trick you want to use you must pay attention  to execute it perfectly. I... | Read More

    • Changes...

      Well, I Just passed my two year 'Chessiversary' (making it two years since I decided to seriously study), and Frankly I'm a little disappointed where I am at... I seem absolutely glued to 1500 rapid, despite working hard on this time control- I h... | Read More

    • Traps in Sicilian .....

      No-01 | Read More

    • Made Up opening for white, will it work? Pt.4, Traps from this opening

      Traps are essential to chess. Without traps, we can't have the pleasure of quick checkmates or opponents falling into your traps. Without traps how could you be excited about chess? So I have created a few and I hope it is useful for you! The Fis... | Read More

      • Chesspawn5
      • | Aug 2, 2016

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  • the Grob

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    Grob's Attack is an unconventional chess opening where White immediately moves the king knight's pawn two squares ahead: 1. g4 The opening takes its name from Swiss International Master Henri Grob (1904–1974) who analyzed it extensively... Read More »

  • Greco, Gioacchino (Joachino)

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    Gioacchino Greco (1600-1634) was an Italian chess player and the best known of the wandering chessmen in the early 17th century. Greco learned chess from earlier books and kept a notebook of tactics, and short and clever games.  He made a liv... Read More »