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  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Apr 12, 2013

    Chess is a game of knowledge and skill. Yet many players - as evidenced from the majority of questions I get on the show - seem to think improvement initiatives lean toward the knowledge side, typical questions being "Where can I learn more about ... | Read More

  • Why Should You Upgrade Your Browser?

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  • Minor Pieces are an Even Trade... Right?

    [Ed: This is the last article of our switch-around week. Each of this week's daily columns (beginning last Sunday) was actually written by one of our other columnists. If you have a guess as to who wrote what, send it to me (dpruess). From entries... | Read More

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    • Preparing for a Tournament

      On 1 November I played in an important tournament, the 2° ITT ALOAS, a closed tournament where one can obtain IM norms. My performance was unbelievable (very difficult to believe…), but I will talk about that in another post. Now I will transla... | Read More

      • FMCouch
      • | Dec 16, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Chess.com CEO Answers Your Questions

      Chess.com founder and CEO Erik hosted a special address last Wednesday live on Chess.com/TV, speaking about the new version of the site and taking member questions.  "My job is to hire people smarter than me, which I have done 49 ... | Read More

      • webmaster
      • | Dec 5, 2015
    • Chess.com freezes computer & crashes browser

      Chess.com is always asking me to upgrade to remove adds.  Why dont they upgrade their software so it doesn't crash my computer?  No other chess sites do that...at least on my computers.  I can't really play a decent game of blitz here as even i... | Read More

    • Language

      So other than an auto message that says "follow rules.... etc" and stuff like that, i had no clue when i was removed from a game because of foul language. When i said the one word i even said (pardon my language) just like that. Nothing ever told ... | Read More

      • shyguy123
      • | Oct 24, 2015
    • Christian Life is like playing Chess

      I found this image interesting as I am a Christian and also a chess player :)Photo taken from FaithUpgrade.com ,a Christian comics it says. Christian life is like playing chess but the difference is in Chess tournament consultation to AI computer... | Read More

      • bro_Robert
      • | Sep 18, 2015