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  • Say "Hello!" to Version 3

    It's been a long time coming, but a brand-new version of is finally ready to step up and take online chess to a new level - and take your chess to new levels as well.  Version 3 (v3) has been our #1 priority for over two year... | Read More

  • Introducing the New (Version 3)

    It's been a long time coming, but a brand-new version of is finally ready to step up and take online chess to a new level - and take your chess to new levels as well.  This new version 3 (V3) has been our #1 priority for over... | Read More

  • The $35,000 GM Blitz Battle Championship is launching a new online blitz and bullet chess championship series, with the biggest payout in online history, and three of the world's top chess players have already signed on.  The Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship with be... | Read More

  • Man vs Machine Historical Archive

    Man vs Machine matches pit humans against the strongest chess entities of all time — chess engines. As chess engines are many classes stronger than even the strongest grandmasters, all matches take place at some form of odds. The... | Read More

  • Your Holiday Chess Buying Guide

    Chess sets and equipment make great gifts for the holidays. Studies have shown that playing chess has many benefits, including better memory function, problem-solving skills, creativity, social skills, concentration and more. (10 Big Benefits of P... | Read More


        JOIN   Bobby Fischer Group Welcome join and play together with more than 6,100+ Fischer Fans! This is a group about Robert Fischer, arguably the best chess player ever, certainly the best who never even finished high school. You can check m... | Read More

    • Analysis of an amateur game

      Analysing our finished games is considered to be one of the best ways of improving in chess.  We attempt to ascertain and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, what our thought process was and why we chose the moves that we did.  In the process... | Read More

    • Test your positional play_3

      Care to test your positional understanding? Here is a position from a game played in 1981, Mar del Plata.  With the white pieces is legendary Danish Grandmaster Bent Larsen.  With the black pieces is equally legendary American Grandmaster Yasser... | Read More

    • Chess Openings - Dutch Defence, Hopton Attack

      Hi everyone :) I made a new video series about openings, for my youtube channel, this time I focused my attention about the Dutch Defence- Hopton Attack, it's a nice way to play against the Dutch                   In this serie... | Read More

    • Blindfold chess?

      Does playing blind actually help improve your game play? I've seen the videos of grandmasters playing simul games blindfolded, impressive no doubt but, does it actually help a beginner player imprve at all? I've seen Daniel Rensch play with the bl... | Read More

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Video Lessons

  • Become Better At Chess, Part 1

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    Hello Everyone!Today, I, John, will teach you my experiences in life about chess.Chess is a very strategic game, proven to help with the cure of Alzheimer. It is not only fun to play, but challenging. Now as you know, lots of people on this site ... Read More »

  • Invite your friends and party

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    Do you like chess? Well of course you do! Why else would you be on this website? So if you have friends who like chess why not invite them over for a chess party?  Set up some boards and have your friends play eachother.  Set up puzzles for each... Read More »

  • Dzindzichashvili, Roman Yakovlevich

    • 24 Reads
    • | 24 Reads

    Roman Dzindzichashvili a well known grandmaster of Soviet origin (peak rating 2703), was born on May 5, 1944. In 1976, he emigrated to Israel where in 1977 he won the 1977 Israeli Championship and gained the grandmaster title in 1979.  That ... Read More »