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  • Glowbot Wars! Kiwi chess art project needs you!

    In the war between light and dark thed only balance is The Board.   This is a large scale art project for Kiwiburn 2017. We aim to create a life size chessboard with Robot characters as the pieces. They will glow...

  • Las Gatas

    Las Gatas is a Heroine team formed by four girls: Nineveh, Nevertity, Annanueva, and Lovelyluna. Along with Las Cazadoras and Las Bandidas, They become the backbone of La Madre. Annamarine Nineveh Nineveh...

  • Paul Keres IV: The War Years by chess24 staff

    In our previous article marking the centenary of the great Paul Keres, we saw him win the Avro Tournament but have his hopes of a World Championship match with Alexander Alekhine thwarted by the outbreak of World...

  • Save Chess - Free the Pawn!

    • mikeyt
    • Dec 16, 2016, 12:49 PM

    Bobby Fischer is my favorite player, but I will never embrace Fischer Random Chess (or Chess 960 as it is called on this web site). There are too many rule changes for setting up the pieces and castling, based on...

  • Viking History: The Great Heathen Army

      If you like Vikings you are welcome to apply for membership in our Viking Themed chess groups!  APPLY FOR MEMBERSSHIP AT THEESE TWO GROUPS!     Great Viking Warriors Valhalla   Great Heathen Army     The Great...


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