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  • Cheating or luck?

    Everyone of us has met someone who played like he would using some chess programe... Lets think about it.. Every chess player has good days and bad days. If I use my own experience, there were many days I have lost...

  • Trying chess streaming for the first time

    • hbeck
    • Jan 16, 2017, 3:29 PM

    So I've decided to start sharing some of the games that  I play here and on online in video-format as well as some of the future blog posts I've written in video format. I can't promise this will become...

  • Tata Steel 2017, 2: Magnus "hugely inspired" by Colin McGourty

    Magnus Carlsen got his first win of 2017 after borrowing Sergey Karjakin’s unlikely refutation of the Najdorf to beat Radek Wojtaszek. Sergey mentioned afterwards that he’d only come up with 6.a3 in desperation...

  • PRO Chess League - Week 1 Recap: San Jose Hackers vs. Webster Windmills

    In Week 1 of the first season of the PRO Chess League the San Jose Hackers (1-0) defeated the Webster Windmills (0-1) by a score of 11-5. Here was the match lineup, including how each player scored: San...

  • Tata Steel 2017: Eljanov beats Rapport by Colin McGourty

    Pavel Eljanov is the very early leader of the 2017 Tata Steel Masters after scoring the only win of Round 1 when Richard Rapport’s inventive chess backfired. The most anticipated clash saw Magnus Carlsen...


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