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  • Mac and Chess: Still Such a Sad State?

    I never imagined when I wrote The Sad State of Chess on Mac in January of last year that it would become one of the most popular articles in the blog’s history. I wrote the entry in response to my personal frustrations...

  • Retro Computer Chess part 3: Bringing it home

    So far I have written about Alan Turings paper machine from the 50s, and how Mac Hack IV running on a mainframe computer became the first chess program to beat a human player under tournament conditions in the 60s. Today...

  • The Sad State of Chess on Mac

    Read the original version at Campfire Chess. Prior to 2009, I was a die-hard Windows user. Once a year I would order a collection of parts from NewEgg and Tiger Direct to build myself a custom PC or upgrade an...

  • Start your engines

    I struggled figuring out how to analyze my games with an engine. Hopefully this will help someone who's as confused as I was.   You'll need a graphic user interface (GUI) such as Arena, Tarrach, Winboard, BabaChess...

  • The Tale of the Lost Wrapper: InBetween by Odd Gunnar Malin

    • AldoE
    • Dec 12, 2014, 5:19 PM

    This is a long story, but I'm gonna make it short. I've always had a special feeling about The Chessmaster series, I owned the first, memorable Chessmaster 2000 (who could already rip me apart), then the 6000, then...

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