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  • Fill Out Your Bracket To Win Prizes

    The sports network ESPN estimates that 70 million college basketball brackets will be filled out this week in the United States alone. You can get in on the fun by joining the official college basketball bracket contest. Play along wit... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Jun 27, 2014

    "I did action X and gained Y rating points so I suggest everyone should do that." This claim came up during the show, raising the question: How helpful it would be for others to follow the suggestion? In order to address this issue, we should sta... | Read More

  • Player Profiles: FM Mike Klein

    If there is such a thing as a chess traveler or chess nomad, then FIDE Master Mike Klein is one of them. He is also a popular chess writer, coach and journalist, and for Klein chess is a pleasant way to make his way through life. Here at | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Mar 15, 2013

    Today's show coincided with the first round of the Candidates Tournament in London. Unfortunately, none of the games were exciting (all draws, most fairly short), so it was not a big topic of conversation. However, I was asked who I thought would... | Read More

  • Records in Chess

    Best match player.  William Steinitz played 27 chess matches from 1862 to 1896, and won 25 of the 27.    He won 160 games, lost 70, and drew 57.  Best Selling Chess Book. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess has sold over one million copies. Best w... | Read More

    • The Cross Roads at Getting better at the game

      I have a choice whither to start to make chess a big part of my life or focus on other things that I have been neglecting.  I could do a little of both, however, I do not believe I will achieve what I would like to accomplish in chess if I go tha... | Read More

      • Daybreak57
      • | Oct 13, 2016
    • Sistema de Puntuación ELO; foto: Everest

        Sistema de puntuación Elo El sistema de puntuación Elo es un método matemático, basado en cálculo estadístico, para calcular la habilidad relativa de los jugadores de juegos como el ajedrez o el go. Debe su nombre a su inventor, el pr... | Read More

      • sebass34
      • | Oct 9, 2016
    • Fairy Fair Play ►Episodio 3. Tema 1. Dominó

      El dominó (galicismo de domino) es un juego de mesa en el que se emplean unas fichas (baldosas) rectangulares, generalmente blancas por la cara y negras por el envés, divididas en dos cuadrados, cada uno de los cuales lleva marcado de cer... | Read More

    • Upcoming Simul By a master

      upcoming Simul this saturday Aug. 2oth   here are the details Live Simul on 10 boards with NM aww-rats ( Bill Richards) Saturday August 20th @12 noon Pacific time.The time control will be 60/30 you play as white.The fee is $5 dollars payable @ P... | Read More

      • gluestix
      • | Aug 14, 2016
    • French Defence Advance Variation 6. Be2

      I hope this will be helping! Enjoy the video! Help me to improve the discussion by sending your opinion or game through email: | Read More

      • mazmik25
      • | Jul 22, 2016