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  • Put Your Bishop Behind Your Pawn

    We continue our exploration of common chess patterns today by looking look at the pattern "a bishop behind a pawn." While most of you have probably heard about "Tarrasch rule" which recommends putting...

  • Spotting And Avoiding Tactics

    There are basically three ways a tactic can occur, both for and against you: The opponent makes a threat for a tactic (or a check or capture), which either can't be met, or can be, but is missed. There is...

  • Typical Rook Endgame Mistakes

    Endgames should be simple. Right? With a majority of pieces removed from play, calculation becomes minimal. Wrong!  At one time or another, you may have found yourself on the losing side of a winning endgame....

  • Deja Vu In Endgames

    Do you ever see a chess position and have a strong feeling that you've seen it before? No, I am not talking about opening positions, that you see again and again and again in every single tournament (damn you,...

  • The Man with 1000 Names

    Q: What do Leigh Franklin James, Paul Hugo, Paula Little, Paula Minton, Sylvia Sharon, Kenneth Harding, Marie De Jourlet, Lana Preston, Paul H. Little, Jack Warren. D.R. Mason, Hugo Paul, Jack Warren, Dr. Lamb...

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  • Welcher Zug gewinnt?

  • Hikaru Nakamura (GM)

    Full name Hikaru Nakamura Country United States Born December 9, 1987 (age 26)Hirakata, Osaka, Japan Title Grandmaster FIDE rating 2786 (January 2014)(No. 3 in the January 2014 FIDE World Rankings) Peak rating 2789...

  • Mir Sultan Khan - Schach mit Intuition

    Als 1928 ein indischer Maharadscha nach England reist, ahnte noch niemand, dass dessen Diener in naher Zukunft mit den stärksten Spielern seiner Zeit die Klingen kreuzen würde und im englischen Olymiateam auf Brett...

  • A Technical Flow: Chess and Jiu Jitsu

    LISTEN: A Technical Flow, by Kalhi feat. Ryron Gracie On the mat I battle cats, the same way I’ll take your back/  A strategized a plan of attack- Kalhi  A Technical Flow zug·zwang    [tsook-tsvahng] A noun In...

  • Slow-Chess Game 07.08.2013 - 45/45

    The time control was 45/45 Die Zeitkontrolle war 45/45 http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=574311136   auf deutsch: Zug 1: ich wusste er würde auf mein e4 mit Caro-Kann antworten nachdem ich mir seine...

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