1st TOCC Correspondence Cup!

Start Date: Jun 14, 2020

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Welcome everyone to the TOCC's first correspondence (daily chess) tournament!

This event is exclusively for members of the TOCC club. If you are a member, you should have received an invite -- check your messages. If you cannot find it, there is a special join link on our club's homepage. You have to use the invite to join. Message me if there are any issues.

Registration for this tournament will be open for three weeks, closing on June 14, 2020. Once the tourney begins there are no late registrations and we will probably not hold another one for some time. So join now!

The tourney will consist of groups of five players -- four simultaneous games. You play two games against each person. When one finishes the next one begins. The top two players in each group advance to the next round. If there is a tie, all players tied for the top two will advance. The next round begins when all games in the current round are complete. Note that daily tournaments are elimination, unlike live tournaments.

The time control is five days/move. Vacation time is allowed, but please do not abuse it! Try to save it for only situations where you truly need to take a break from moving on your games, so as to not drag out the tournament unnecessarily.

Please do not join unless you plan to fully participate in the tournament! Withdrawing means that you forfeit every game you have in progress.

For information about daily chess and how it works, click here:

Also, a reminder that cheating is absolutely forbidden in this tournament, or anywhere else on What counts as cheating in daily chess? It's a little different than in live chess.

In daily chess, you are allowed to check opening databases, chess books/magazines, and use the in-game self-analysis tool. Just as in live chess, you are not allowed to use a chess engine in any form. Tablebases and advice from other players are also against the rules.

Please read these before joining:

More info on fair play, cheating, sportsmanship and abuse:

If I reasonably suspect that someone is using an engine or otherwise cheating, I reserve the right to expel you from the tournament. I will also remove you from the TOCC club and report you to

If you play fair, you don't have anything to worry about. Please, DO NOT CHEAT.

- - - - - 

I thought this would be fun opportunity to spend more time playing against our fellow club members one-on-one. During the live tournaments, it is often difficult to interact much. During these games, utilize this opportunity to converse with whom you are playing! Use the chat box to ask your opponent how they are holding up with all of the recent craziness, and to banter about the game. wink.png My goal is to improve club camaraderie and connection, since we are unable to meet face-to-face!

If, after reading the above and the linked articles, you still have questions about the tourney or anything related, feel free to leave a comment below or message me!

Good luck everyone, and have fun! I'm looking forward to this. happy.png

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Please read first announcement

Wizard_Chess97 | Jun 24, 2020, 6:08 PM

A reminder to everyone to please read the announcement I posted right before the tourney started. Once you have done so message me!

Thank you! grin.png



A few reminders before we start! Please read!

Wizard_Chess97 | Jun 13, 2020, 7:20 PM

Hi everyone,


This tournament is about to get started! Hope you are looking forward to it. Your games will automatically begin tomorrow, Jun 14 at 3:00 pm!


Before we start, I want to give you guys a few reminders.


  • First, make sure you can commit to this tourney before it starts. Note that it may last for a while, and I expect you to play all your games (no timeouts please!) Withdrawing from the event means you forfeit all games in progress, so now is the time if you need to back out.
  • Please make sure to read the tourney description. It contains most of the things you should know about the event, as well as some helpful links.
  • Again, note that cheating is absolutely forbidden. I do not tolerate it. It is a terrible act and harms everyone in the tournament. If I reasonably suspect that you are using an engine or otherwise cheating, I will eject you from the tournament, remove you from the TOCC club and report you to Please, let's play fairly!
  • What counts as cheating in daily chess? It's a bit different than in live chess. Engine use is still forbidden, but a few things are allowed. Please see tourney description.
  • One of the things that is allowed is use of the in-game self-analysis board! You can also save your analysis and write notes for yourself. Take advantage of these nifty tools -- they are only available in daily chess!
  • Also, I would like you all to take advantage of the chat box and engage your opponent in conversation. This is a good opportunity to ask how they are doing and to banter about the game.  wink.png One of my main goals of holding this online TOCC is to continue to build club connection and camaraderie while we are unable to meet in person.
  • Finally, remember to TAKE YOUR TIME! These are slow games. They are not the kind of games you glance at and move instantly (that's blitz or bullet). They are the kind where you should spend at least several minutes on each move -- pondering the position, calculating, moving pieces around on the analysis board . . . trying to figure out what the best move is, every single time! Unlike other types of chess, correspondence is where you have the greatest potential to play your very best. Sometimes you might spend an hour. Sometimes you might look at a position for a while and be unsure what you should do, then go away and come back and look at it again the next day! This gives you a fresh perspective. Expect to do these kinds of things! Take each and every move as seriously as you can. 

If you read all of the above as well as the tourney description, message me and I will send you a trophy. happy.png

Most of all, have fun everybody, and good luck!  grin.png