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2013 Chess.com/TV Group Tournament #1

Start Time: Jan 31, 2013

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

   This is one of three Chess.com/TV Group Tournaments which will run simultaneously. The top 3 winners will receive prizes related to Chess.com/TV. You must be a Chess.com/TV Group member and remain so in order to participate.

   -The Chess.com/TV Group Admin Team



  • YOU MUST BE a Chess.com/TV Group Member to ENTER!

    ChessMarkstheSpot | Jan 26, 2013, 3:29 PM



       We again have openings due to registrants not becoming group members (after being notified several times in advance). They have been deleted tonight, Jan. 25th!


       Please understand these are “INTERNAL” tournaments and group membership is an ESSENTIAL requirement for eligibility for these tournaments and prizes. You MUST be a group member to participate because the activity is tied directly to the group and Chess.com/TV.


       From this point through the start of the Tournament (Feb. 1st), any entrant NOT A MEMBER of the Chess.com/TV Group, will immediately be removed from the list and cannot re-enter (sorry, but the program does not allow re-entry once removed).


    So, please, if you wish to participate in this tournament, join the Chess.com/TV Group FIRST!

        Thank you!   Smile

        -The Chess.com/TV Group Admin Team

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