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Chess960 February Open (Starts Feb 1)

Start Time: Jan 14, 2011

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A tournament for players who enjoy Chess 960.

A minumum of only 1 completed game so that anyone who is interested can join.

3 days per move allows you to take breaks over the weekends without needing vacation time, so the play is friendly to non-premium members.  For those with vacation time, vacation use is allowed.

9 player groups means you are guaranteed 16 games in the first round.  Tournament is expected to last 3 rounds, so the top players will get 48 games.

This tournament will begin on February 1, whether full or not.  If the tournament fills before February 1, I will start it early.

For questions about tie-breakers and other tournament logistics, please check the tournament help: http://www.chess.com/tournaments/help.html


1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place


  • Gentlemen (and women), start your engines!

    scotterpop | Jan 14, 2011, 9:51 AM

    Our tournament filled up rather quickly, and has auto-started!

    Best of luck to all participants.  I hope you all enjoy your games.


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