ChessKid's First-Ever Daily Chess Tournament

Start Date: Dec 3, 2019

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

Want to play in ChessKid's first-ever Daily Chess Tournament on peshka.png Prove your mettle in this special event and show your skillset in this debut event! Special prizes from ChessKid will be announced soon, so make sure to stay tuned to learn about how you can win big!

If 2,000 players register for this tournament, IM Danny Rensch will enter the tournament!

This tournament is a NO VACATION, 3 days per move event. There are no rating minimums/maximums, and all are welcome to compete! Once the tournament seeding is complete, groups will be comprised of 8 players, of whom the 1st place finisher will advance to the next round. trophies.png

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