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French Defence: Normal Variation (under 1600)

Start Time: Sep 15, 2012

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  • Have Fun

    MonkeyMagic | Sep 15, 2012, 9:25 PM



    I thought this one would never get off the ground.

    Hope you all get something out of this.


    The center often gets closed in the French unless black takes e4 before it advances.

    Players need to be content to dance around it chipping away at it and organizing sorties on the wings. 


    Think carefully before castling, your king may be safer in the middle or even on the Queen's side.

    For the adventurous, consider the continuation 3. ...Bb4 4.e5 c5 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.bxc3 Ne7 7.Qg4 (the Winawer variation)


    For the really adventurous go nuts with 7. ...Qc7 8.Qxg7 Rg8 9.Qxh7 cxd4, threatening to move the black queen to c3 forking king and rook. (the Poisoned Pawn Winawer)


    Have Fun whatever you decide to play.

    Good Luck All. Laughing


  • Invite Friends

    MonkeyMagic | Sep 13, 2012, 3:55 PM

    Hi everyone,

    For some reason this tournament has been hard to get off the ground. The over 1600 tourney filled 50 players in a couple of weeks.

    Anyway, I've sent out the maximum number of invites allowed and advertised everywhere I can think of, so if you'd like to get going folks invite your friends. 

    Remember to click "Explore" when making opening moves if you feel you need help.  

    1.e4 e6 may look passive compared to 1. e4 e5 and 1. e4 c5 , but it is in fact very playable and can lead to some very interesting positions.

    Opposite side castling tends to heat up the action and is a frequent option in the French.

    I recommend watching Valeri Lilov's video on the French, skip the first 5 min if you want to save time and get to the position you'll be playing.

    All the best everyone,

    Have fun!


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