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I play to win Tournament!

Start Time: Jul 7, 2010

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Welcome to the I play to win Tournament! (A knockout tournament)

In this tournament you have to beat your opponent in order to go through to the next round!

Do you have what it takes to win everything?

There are 2 people in each group and the winner advances! (unless its a tie: Rememeber, tie breaks are in this tournament, so after round 1 a tie with your opponent may not be good enough to go through because he might have higher tie breaks)

So remember.. You play to win!

Bring your fighting spirit.


- Start 2 games at once

- Vacation time will be allowed.. this is the summer!

- 1 DAY/MOVE to make things quicker

- Rated, and Tie breaks


- Minimum games - 20 Games must have been played 

I will start the tournament at 50 players minimum if we do not have 100 players by July 10/10


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