luck black tournament


#1 LobowolfXXX (2030)

#2 lajka (1295)

#3 gmircus (1249)

TD: Matthew11 Started on August 20, 2010 at 9:35 AM
Players: 12   Time Control: 48 hours/move
Max Group Size: 12   Rating Range: 1200-1350
# Advance: 3   Tie Breaks: Yes
Points Available: 412   Games Rated: Yes

Tournament Stats
Starting Players: 12 Completed Games: 138 (tournament is 100% complete)
Eliminated Round 1: 9 (75% of field) Games in Round 1: 132
Eliminated Round 2: 3 (25% of field) Games in Round 2: 6
Players Withdrawn: 1 (8%) # Timeouts: 15 (10%)
Remaining Players: 1 (8%) Remaining Games: 0 (current round)
Average Rating: 1276 Biggest Upset: 1149 defeats 1280

Lucky black!


  • 6 years ago


    It´s ok, LobowolfXXX...

  • 6 years ago


    Here's the short version...I was new to online chess on the site, and I had the default 1200 rating.  I wanted to enter a tournament, but most of them wouldn't let me play because I didn't have 5 completed games; the ones that were coming up that had higher rating brackets wouldn't let me in because I didn't meet the minimum rating.  I tried to join a couple of tournaments that were like 1700-2000, or whatever, but they didn't let me "play up."  The LuckBlack was my first tournament here, and pretty much the only one I could get in, and the tournament setup here makes everyone start at 1200, so I was stuck with a grossly under-inflated rating until I started getting completed games under my belt.  Sorry about that.

  • 6 years ago


    My question is how Lobowolf (2000+!!!!!) is related to a <1350 tounament.

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