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Pirc Defense

Start Time: Mar 21, 2012

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

A great way to practice this opening with both colours.

The Pirc is different from other openings because black lets white take over the center but usually doesn´t strike untill after deploying his pieces. 1..d6 is a multi purpose move, stopping whites e5 (when white manages this push and keep his pawn on e5, it usually spells trouble for black) and opening up for Bc8.

Both sharp and positional battles can occur according to once style and taste. A great weapon to have in the reserve or as a main opening with black. White has many options at is disposal. For example go for e5 push usually companied by f4 pawn advance. White can go for the king side attack with Be3, f3 and Qd2 and g4,h4 e.t.c. Even Be2 with h4 soon. Or white can play positionally with g3 (h3 and g4 is also interesting) and short castle.

The Pirc is very flexible and the position types arising can be drago like structures, Philidor, Ruy Lopez and kings indian for example. A great thorictical knowledge is not always esential when you know how to play those position with the exeption of the Be3 system deployed by white. Black has to be carefull on how to spend his opening tempos. For example should black wait to deploy his bishop to g7 when white's Bh6 (supported by Qd2) is hanging in the air ?

hope to have some intersting games and discussion about this opening.


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