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STARFLEET: Defiant 960 [Open] I

Start Time: Aug 26, 2013

  • Time Control
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  • Rating Range
  • Points Available
  • Max Group Size
  • Complete
  • # Advance
  • Round
  • Simultaneous Games
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  • Remaining Games
  • Max Avg. Time/Move
  • # of Timeouts
  • Biggest Upset
This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

Thematic: 960

Rating: Open

Max Players: 100

Group Size: 5

Advance: 2

Days Per Move: 3

Simultaneous Games: 1

Total Simultaneous: 4

Start Date: The tournament will start when the rosters are full, and not before.

This is the U.S.S. Defiant. Our mission, is to defeat the Borg Collective, the Dominion and any other sci-fi club that opposes us. Star Fleet personnel only please! This is a chess 960 ship. (Star Trek)

Chess960 lovers, Unite! http://www.chess.com/groups/view/uss-defiant

I would like to point out a group, "Starfleet Marine Corps". This group has been created for the sole purpose of ending the group and random invites I have been sending. Members of "Starfletet Marine Corps" will receive invites to the tournaments I sponsor. This is not a membership drive as this team will not be participating in team matches or vote chess.

Do you prefer to pit your skills against the next? Do you enjoy climbing and clawing your way to the top? Do you like racing up that hill? Do you like tournaments? Sounds like you're a Starfleet Marine! The Starfleet Marine Corps members receive invitations to tournaments sponsored by Starfleet Academy and a couple other groups. Here, you have "first dibs" on these tournaments. Links to other Starfleet groups are provided, but under no circumstances will any Marine be encouraged to requested to join. This group does not participate in either Team Matches or Vote Chess.

Team Kansas welcomes all residents of Kansas, present or former. We are the official team for Kansas in the "U.S. Team Chess League." For practice and for fun, we will be taking part in team matches and vote chess competitions. Are you from Kansas? Do you live in Kansas? If so, please, join us! [Please remember that you may only play for 1 team that is involved in the U.S. Chess League].


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