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The Cricket County Championship, Season 1, Division A

Start Time: Mar 17, 2011

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

Welcome to the first season of the Cricket County Championships.  A rating of 1650 to 1850 qualifies you for  division A.  This initial season will have 6 teams per division - in subsequent seasons we hope to expand to 8 (allowing us to award 3 custom trophies) - As the elete division, you play to win, with the 5th and 6th positions to be relegated to division B for season two (with the top two finishers from division B promoted to replace them).  A new season will not begin until all divisions have completed, thus we will be playing with one day limits, no vacation.  Thank you for joining us, good wishes and good matches! 



  • Season 2 Registration

    Larsera | Apr 16, 2011, 6:02 PM

    One game left to go on Season 1 in division A, the outcome of which will not alter the standings:  Congratulations to ClemsonTiger who has a lock on the championship, holding off Bodhidhrama in a close second.

    I will open up registration for season two shortly, you will all receive invitations - with your positions reserved until noon (GMT) on April 19, at which time those slots may be filled by others.  As previously, the season will be a one day, no vacation tournament.  For season two, we have expanded to seven players per division, with the top two to promote, and the bottom two to relegate.  For division A, the top two players will meet in a post-season two game playoff to determine the overall champion.  Pending registration, the lineups for Season two are:

    Division A:






    Spazz66 (promoted from Division B)

    Norfolkandgood (Promoted from Division B) 

    Division B:

    kjeteren (relegated from Division A)




    Sonjaownsya (promoted from Division C)

    Nesral (promoted from Division C)

    Player to be named from waiting list

    Division C:

    vinpaysdoc (relegated from Division B)




    Coondog (promoted from Division D)

    Joe69 (promoted from Division D)

    player to be named from waiting list

    Division D:

    OttawanII (relegated from Division C)





    player to be named from waiting list

    player to be named from waiting list

  • Update

    Larsera | Mar 29, 2011, 6:14 PM

    All divisions are at the 50% complete mark or higher.  Note that next season we will expand to 7 "teams" per division.  Therefore, for this season two will promote to the next higher league, but only one will relegate to the lower level.  No one will be dropped from division D - which will receive newcomers for the next season.


    For division D (93% Complete)

    Coondog and Joe 69 promoted to division C for season 2

    Tragesus, THEBOO, Beester, gbrown057 remain in division D.

    For division C (70% Complete)

    Sonjaownsya will promote to division B for season 2.

    Nothing else is yet resolved, however OttawanII and EDSeds are in a catfight to remain in division C, while Nesral remains a dark horse, having only completed two games, but winning both...  stay tuned.

    For division B (66% complete):

    Nothing is yet resolved, but Spazz66 will likely promote to division A, as is Norfolkandgood - one more win for each locks in the promotion.  Everyone else is too close to call, it will be a fight to see who relegates to division C.

    For division A (50% complete):

    Too early to call, but Plooca at 4-0-1 is the current favorite to win, with Bodhidharma at 3-2-1, doebler at 2-2-1, and ClemsonTiger at 2-1 running strong.

  • correction

    Larsera | Mar 18, 2011, 9:24 PM

    First blood was not drawn (I should read the box scores) - the win was a forfeiture as travel difficulties prevented a team from taking the field on time....Instead first blood honors go to Kjetteren with an upset win - now we are on!

  • First blood

    Larsera | Mar 18, 2011, 8:06 PM

    Bodhidhrama draws first blood with a win - the season is on folks!

  • first blood

    Larsera | Mar 17, 2011, 5:40 PM

    Kjetteren takes the first win of the season, with a strong upset --- the games are on!

  • Season 1 Begins

    Larsera | Mar 17, 2011, 5:10 AM

    Thank you all for joining - season 1 begins!

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