Wallyjack's Chess960 No Vacation Tourney Series - Match #4 - 1500-1699

Start Time: May 24, 2014

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

Hi all,

I thought that I'd have a change and put on a series of chess960 tourneys.

The format is 64/100 players,4/group/3 days/move/2 concurrent games/opponent which means you'll play a maximium of 6 games/round and 2 to advance from each group,unless there are ties and,then,ALL tied players will advance to the next round.ANY PLAYER(S) OVER 1699 AT THE START OF THE TOURNEY WILL BE REMOVED AND WILL BE INVITED TO THE NEXT APPROPRIATE TOURNEY FOR THEIR NEW RATING.

Good luck,everyone,and,please,enjoy yourselves,

MikeCool (wallyjack)



wallyjack | Feb 27, 2015, 5:56 PM

Hi my friends,

Congratulations to AGhaye,thepitbull,& octananda who finished 1,2,3 in this tourney,but a HUGE "THANK YOU" to each and every one of you who entered this tourney,without your participation there would have been no tourney and I look forward to greeting all of you in my future tourneysSmile.

MikeCool (wallyjack)

new tourney

wallyjack | Feb 11, 2015, 6:28 PM

Hi my friends,

Here is a new 'no vacation' tourney for players rated 1501-1750:-