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You Could Be The Champion !! Rating 1351-1500

Start Time: Jan 18, 2009

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you could be the champion, it is your own party - there are no much higher rating players to block you here.

the trophy of champion is Crown

the ordinary hat to the 2nd place,

and straw hat to the 3rd place


1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place


  • Won on time & withdraw

    jootoo | Jan 18, 2009, 6:34 PM

    Hi, thanks for joining this tournament, as I mentioned, the players between 1351-1500 are the most active ones, and this tournament start first, among the 14 similar tournaments.

    I like to tell you something, please ignore it if you know it before.

    Won on time

    this is the knock-out tournament, you will play two games with your opponent (one white & one black), the winner will go to next round, or two of you go to next round if tie.

    Sometimes your opponent do not show up and you win on time, it is quite normal at tournament, you will go to next round.

    But if both players in the same group do not show up and tie, then they go to next round, it is not fair for other winner go to next round after playing tough games, so I will remove these 2 players, for this case.


    If you complete your two games and could not win and go to next round, and you wish to attend other tournament, suggest to click "withdraw" on this tournament to quit, your rating will keep the same.


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