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3 Ara 2013
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Sep 29, 2018
EasierPlanet3 - can I join UTS Chess?
Nov 4, 2016
Is this forum in use anymore?
Feb 13, 2014
Can we get another team match?
Jan 15, 2014
UTS Chess Team Rides the Wave in the Beach (5-0 vs Malvern) The UTS Chess team travelled to the Beach on Tuesday, Jan.14 to take on Malvern CI. The team emerged from the surf victorious, leaving Malvern in its wake. Chris Knox, Joey Zhong, Nathan Farrant-Diaz, Hanyuan Ye, and Vlad Nitu played excellent chess to secure the win (5-0). The team next hosts rival North Toronto on Tuesday, Jan.28 (4pm in rm.324 - spectators are welcome). Go Blues! Mr. Farley
Jan 13, 2014
With six of eight games completed, UTS is winning against ChessCats in our group match. Both sides have lost two games on time (?!), but JuanJamal and iamokatchessatleast have won one each by, you know, winning. If anyone is interested in another team match, let me know and I will find us a suitable opponent.
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