24 Mar 2020
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1 minute bullet adoption challenge anyone? wink.png

First one to adopt me gets 1000 trophies... not like anyone cares about them tho. I've got nothing else to offer I'm poor.

Adoptions in progress:



hypno56729 10/10 

Nightly-Knight 10/10 

wadesuess2 10/10

ShuhengZ 10/10

MaskedNuisance 10/10


Actual bullet rating: 2100-2300

Actual blitz rating: 1900 - 2100

Actual rapid rating: 1800-2000


(Do not take the stuff below seriously, it's just my opinion)

What your chess rating (or title) says about you (USCF):

0-500 = You're new to chess or you're a beginner, but don't worry, with the right techniques you'll start improving quickly

500-1000 = You're starting to get the hang of chess, although you should still practice more tactics, and be doing puzzles if you want to improve more.

1000-1500 = This is the average for chess players, but you still have a pretty long way to go.

1600-1800 (Me) = You're better than average. Not bad, but you're still pretty trash at chess.

1800-2000 = You're really close to being an expert,  good job

2000-2200 = You're now an expert at chess, although you still have a lot to improve.

CM/WCM = Congrats! You've gotten your first title, and this proves that you actually know what you're doing in chess.

FM or NM/WFM or WNM = You're pretty much better than 99% of chess players. You make your opponents cry a lot, but there's still a bit more room to improve.

IM = The second best title! You're pretty much a really good chess player. 

GM = Idk... ur just too good at this point