11 Şub 2009
En Son Çevrimiçi
12 saat önce

I am just an old chess player (72) trying to remember the moves.Very old USCF rating was 2057...just a patzer looking for some fun. I just had throat cancer surgery 11-10-15 and chess has helped occupy my time in rehab.Looks like I am being attacked by my past life style, drug addict but now clean for 30 years. 2016 - lung cancer, 2017 - kidney failure, 2018 - heart failure, 2019 - kidneys shut down starting dialysis . Holy crap I should be dead, LOL

Chess has been a love of mine since I learned in jail at 19. A crazy life but came to know Jesus 30 years ago and changed my life, sad to say I am still a sinner and far from spotless. I love to shoot pool, flip houses, grand kids and the whole family thing. If we meet over the board I cant say good luck because I want you to loose and make many blunders. LMAO

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