Human dignity is more important than winning.  Please do not cheat.  I will never cheat my opponents.  It would be an insult to Caissa.  Gens una sumus. 

Here are some of my proud moments as a life-long chess enthusiast:

  • Hawaii Chess Federation Scholastic Chess Director (volunteer)
  • Coach of Hawaii Scholastic Chess Team (7-3 in the World Online Team 2020!)
  • Captain of Team Kauai
  • Hawaii Blitz Chess Champion, 2020
  • Fischer Random Chess World Championship Qualifier, 2019
  • Hawaii State co-Champion, 2018
  • Hawaii Senior Champion, 2016 to 2021
  • Utah State Chess Champion, 2010, 2011
  • USCF Lifetime Candidate Master (NCM)
  • USCF Senior Tournament Director
  • USCF Advanced Chess Coach
  • FIDE National Arbiter
  • FIDE Instructor
  • Prefer Chess960 and Bughouse to classical chess.  (Khet is chess with lasers!)
  • For my old brain, speed chess is 15/10 and bullet is 10/3

Hablo español.

Ego legere potest aliquam Latine.

Ich spreche kein deutch.

Я не понимаю этих слов.

الخط العربي جميل جدا! أتمنى أن أتمكن من قراءته.

Makemake au e ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi.