Learned the moves when I was about 10 but didn't study till I started college. I got possessed and became a very active tournament player in 1960 ... when I realized that I wasn't going to become a NM or especially a GM any time soon, I went to graduate school so that I could have a better life for my family!!

My first published rating was 2042 in 1961. Played in tournaments for about 10 years then I didn't play in a tournament for over 20 years and when I did in 1993, they recalculated my rating to 1792!;-( I've only entered 3 tournaments since then, giving back about 100 points. I would like to stop the erosion and move it back up to over 2000. I feel that I have the skills for that ... or is it all an illusion!! I've always kept my connection to chess & the USCF by becoming a Life Member in 1960. Now that I'm coming to the end of my working life, I would like to improve my game and use chess to keep my mind active and to stave off Alzheimer's!!

My non-chess goals are to develop a consultancy providing business applications to mid-sized companies here in Honolulu.

Chess.com seems like a good way to maintain and improve one's chess skills. Was amazed how much this service offers. I have upgraded to support this application. A very impressive set of tools!!