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Welcome to my profile. explorer.png Nyaaa  /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ (up to date)

Hello, my name is Sella, I am a 20 year old girl, my birthday is 31st May. I am currently a student at University, majoring in nursing. I love making AMV. GMV. MV, photos, and videos editor/creator as hobbies, and usually show it on my WhatsApp status, well....on youtube maybe soon, I'm too lazy to upload it, and my life is not about chess only, I have many activities in real life so I can't online a whole day but I will try online every day to do my duties as admin in my clubs which I manage, Always thank god.

I don't really like Social Media, because of "privacy reasons" and on social media so many beautiful lies, live in fantasy and many more negative sides from it, but yes, not always bad as long we wise use it, so I will share some other info about me, I think it's safe to share, so here's

My lichess account and instagram. (Just click the icons)

2 best clubs

The Globetrotters

Road To Membership

This is my cat Ming

Me and @RimuruTempest100

This photo from him @RimuruTempest100

and this art below was made using my blood, ES means EmmanSella, so messed up, because it was hurt when I made it, but I love it, sorry I'm a little bit like a psychopath

@RimuruTempest100 (Emmanuel, he conquered my heart ❤)


My favorite songs gold.png 

@Zany_taco is true artist. she made this for me

And thank you so much, to the staff of gave me free diamond premium membership before 

For female hunters. Im so sorry. I only want to play chess, this site is not dating site! and i have bf already 

Maybe you guys should read this blog

That's all about me.

I always accept friend requests but if you are abusive I will block and report you. bullet.png

Here’s a video message for the pervert guy.