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Hello hello! I’m Fruzsi, a 25-years-old a Woman Fide Master streaming mostly chess. Sometimes I play very well, like a queen, other times I blunder my queen, but no matter which, I always try to smile and improve! ^^ (main account:

About me
I am Fruzsi, a 25-years-old Woman Fide Master from Hungary. I started playing chess when I was 8 years old, and since then I participated in many national and international tournaments. Most of the time I was in the first 3 on the Youth Hungarian Chess Championships between girls under 18 (even won a few), and I got silver and bronze medals on the Youth European Union Chess Championships. I hold a WGM and a WIM norm, and my highest Elo was 2266.
I also have a master degree in Psychology.

Teaching experience
I have a few years experience in teaching children and adults, in groups and individually as well. Currently, besides having my own private students, I am also a chess instructor at Girl Boss Chess.

Teaching method
The hourly rate is 35euro/hour (discounts are also possible). Lessons are available in English and Hungarian, mainly for students below 1700 FIDE/1800 rapid rating.
I can help you to improve your chess for example by strenghtening your calculation, analysing your games and finding your common mistakes, teaching you more about middle game stategies, endgames, and sharpening your tactical vision. Nevertheless, if there is anything else in particular you would like to work on, let me know. I like to make my classes as interactive as possible, because I believe this is the best way for the students to gain knowledge, including chess, while having fun. From me you can learn more about the psychological factors in chess, which can also make you a better chess player!

I am also available for training games. (blitz, rapid or classical games, price depends on the format)

Homeworks and training material are given to the student after the lesson.

If you have any questions, or would like to get your chess to the next level, contact me on: or fill this questionnaire: