I currently write software in Huntsville, AL ... Java, C/C++, etc, which is somewhat amusing since my first degree is Electrical Engineering and my second is an MDiv from a seminary. I'm also hoping to get a novel published sometime in the not-too-distant future - my name "tellus" is one of the characters in the book. I love to read SF/Fantasy, keep up with the latest in quantum physics, and watch Bama Football ... Roll Tide!! The beautiful lady in the picture with me is my wife - she plays chess as well and constantly asks me why I made this move or that ... as if I had a clue myself. My father taught me to play chess when I was young and after he told me I would NEVER beat him in a game, it became a lifetime goal. After that was accomplished a few years later, I played off and on through college and then dropped the game for years. I started getting interested again after playing a few games at work and then a friend mentioned This is one of the best websites I have ever seen ... love it, love the game, and look forward to getting better over time ... or at least enjoying a lot of losses along the way.