I give all my accomplishments to the God of the Bible!!! Saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. I am an American Patriot. This nation needs revival!

On another note, please call me Cole. I am a very big soccer fan as well as chess. I occasiom at  I have a Square Off board which moves by itself, and it connects to Captures can take a long time. I don't use it for every game, but if I take a long time on a simple recapture please don't be surprised. I am a Technician!

Technicians are the quietest and calmest chess players. Strategists who rarely attack directly and prefer to quietly exploit positional advantages, Technicians utilize their exceptional intuition to guide their positional play. Rarely losing control, the Technician exploits almost invisible positional weaknesses to win in the endgame. Technicians do not like to take many risks, and therefore rarely lose - but also win less than more aggressive players.

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