I am officially back on! Lots are asking how I got abuse flair, thanks for asking lol but they changed it sadly. Also people are asking (not as much) why I got closed. Let's just say it was a simple misunderstanding. Which is why I'm back on this account. Also kinda sad because most only care about the flair and not how I got back lol. No hard feelings. Anyway I won't be as active because reasons, and thanks!

Before you start, I'd like you to join

At least check it out happy.png

Oh, and also the YT with it: My YouTube


Follow me on twitch please: I stream sometimes and am very interactive.

Top Friends:






A top 100 3Check Player as of 2/8/2021:

And now, a Top 75 3Check player as of 2/22/2021!

My Peak of 3Check is 2072 with a rank of #59

I have suggested to the community to make coordinators a thing in clubs.

Best wins:
Rapid: 1754

Blitz: 2421

Bullet: 2525

3Check: 2740

KOTH: 2063

Crazyhouse: 2164

Titled Players Beat:

GM @fyall777 (Blitz) (I still count he resigned at beginning

@Rngtmn (Standard)

@fridaywins (3check)

@Coach73 (Ultrabullet)

@Usurpov (Ultrabullet)

@Anaiy (3check)

@eugeniusjr (3check)

@Zmof (KOTH)

@Katspanov (KOTH)

@fractal1234 (3check, KOTH, and Rapid)

@vladimirssvesnikovs (3check)

@Bernd_Stromberg (KOTH)

@latigre (KOTH and 3Check)

@scaryninja (3check)

@elm2007 (3check and KOTH)

@jergus (3check and KOTH)

@Sigurbjorn (scholars mated him lol)

Done many things on my old account, @GMUltraPlayer but did something wrong so now it is rightfully closed. But I am changed now.

Thanks for reading.