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  • Master: Openings

    Ort. Puan: 1200
    In this course you will get a basic introduction to 10 different "tournament level" openings. These are tried and true openings that have been played by many Grandmasters all throughout history. This final course is designed to help you gain the knowledge of what is most commonly played, so that you might take the first steps of choosing and preparing an opening repertoire.
  • Master: Tactics

    Ort. Puan: 1580
    They say that chess is 99% tactics - ultimately, tactics are the difference between a win, loss, or draw. In this course we will be delving further into the realm of tactics and seeing some master-level patterns.
  • Master: Strategy

    Ort. Puan: 1560
    In this course we will be examining some of the most advanced strategies which chess masters use in their games. There will be a particular emphasis on pawn strategy.
  • Master: Attack and Defense

    Ort. Puan: 1760
    In this course we will be learning how to attack and defend like a master.
  • Master: Endgame

    Ort. Puan: 1672
    In this course we will be learning about some of the most complicated and difficult techniques, practical ideas, and fundamental winning methods in the endgame - those which you will ultimately need to achieve mastery.

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